Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine with Cheese

I was sick for what seems like forever and had a few nights to myself the weekend before Valentine's Day. Making greeting cards has always been a great money-saving option, but on top of that you can add so much more personality to homemade cards.

The Husband and I like to leave little notes around the house that say "I love you like [insert] loves [insert]!" 

For example, "I love you like bears love honey" or "I love you like peanut butter loves jam." Quite cheesy, I know. (Hence the "cheese" in the blog title).  

This year I decided that our love for cheese (second cheese reference) couldn't be ignored. So here's the valentine I made The Husband. 

Sorry about the crappy picture lighting, but you get the picture ;). If you pull on the little heart, the crash-dummy mouse (helmet and all) goes flying towards the cheesy moon (the final cheese)!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

May you all feel as loved as the cheese. :)

ps: Full Valentine's meal post to follow!

1 comment:

  1. you should patent this card and sell it. it's genius! looking forward to vday meal post-- HURRY up!