Friday, February 25, 2011

Geoduck Three Ways

The Husband had the random desire to eat this oceanic animal this week after watching this video. After sourcing one from our local, newly-opened Asian market, The Husband proceeded to dismember and separate the edible and non-edible parts. It was at times disturbing and at other times my curiosity about the taste certainly took over.

We ate all of the geoduck raw.

As a public service announcement, do not eat this raw if the geoduck is dead. If you touch it and the long shaft does not contract... then proceed with caution.

We had the geoduck three ways:

1. Geoduck Crudo

2. Geoduck Sashimi with Wasabi Mayonnaise

3. Geoduck in Shoyu Broth

The Husband and I wondered who of our fabulous foodie friends would be willing to try this again with us. Would you? :)


  1. It was quite delicious - sweet, brine-y, ocean-y, and chewy. If you like seafood, especially when raw, then you should definitely try it!!

  2. this was featured a long time ago on dirtiest jobs. it makes me gag just like it did when i saw it on the show. you two are brave souls