Monday, November 14, 2011

Dining In: Washington, DC - 2 Amys

Hi everyone! I'm back from my blogging hiatus and it was much needed. We recently took a road trip to NYC and spent one night in DC with a friend. Despite the fact that we drove head first into an early snowstorm on the East Coast, our first stop at 2 Amys was a great contrast to the wintry mix outside. 

The restaurant is casual yet chic. You feel like this is somewhere you can down a couple of bottles of wine with a table full of small plates, pizza and friends all the while discussing American literature or global warming.  

They had an amazing charcuterie selection, which in my opinion, made the meal. We had capocollo, prosciutto, and lardo. 
The pizza was so fresh with a thin and chewy crust. The cheese slid off the pizza easily into your mouth and the tomato sauce was super light and mild. While I could eat these all the time, in contrast to the charcuterie, I didn't feel like the pizza was the star of the show. Rather, the charcuterie was fabulous and provided a strong, flavorful note to the pizza.

To its credit, 2 Amys has D.O.C. certification for 3 of its pizzas, which stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata, which I learned after the fact. D.O.C. is considered to be the most authentic pizza you can get in the States. There are specific qualifications from the dough, to the oven, and imported ingredients. If this is what authentic neapolitan pizza tastes like then I think we need to make a trip to Italy pronto! 

Happy Monday and welcome back! Thanks for reading. :) 

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