Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dining In: Washington, DC - Kushi

Dinner in DC was at Kushi. This is an izakaya-style Japanese restaurant, which I've never tried before. Imagine Japanese tapas with beer or sake = Izakaya cuisine. Everything was made right before our eyes from the frying, grilling, and basting. 
Delicious yellowtail. The first of our sashimi indulgences on this trip. 
Tender grilled pork belly. YUM. 
Grilled whole fish. Juicy, sweet, and super fresh. 

I can see how this would be a fabulous happy hour into dinner option as you eat and drink over several hours. All of these little dishes pack good punches of flavor and texture. The Husband loves Japanese cuisine and with its simplicity of presentation and refined flavors I can see why. We were able to get a corner end of the bar, which made chatting, watching, and eating all the more fun.

Have a great Wednesday! More east coast trip great eats to come. 

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