Wednesday, November 23, 2011


All morning spent braving lines at Whole Foods. Check. Running around town for last minute supplies. Check. Pre-thanksgiving day preparation. No-check. Before the frenzy of prepping and cooking begins, I wanted to take a moment to just ponder and be in the moment of the holiday by myself.

Gratitude is something that I wish I could practice on a daily basis. Taking those precious moments to savor life as it is and to accept it and be thankful. In the busy days, I even have the nerve to (gasp!) complain. Getting to see the world through other people's eyes give me reasons to be thankful and I am very lucky that people are willing to share their lives with me in the ways that they do. 

Here's a list of things that warm my heart right now.

there is truly something therapeutic about carefully crafting each bite to share with family and friends

one never knows how much you'll miss them until they live thousands of miles away

cinnamon candles
reminders of my parents' home during the holidays

my little puppy
who loves to snuggle during cold winter nights

book clubs
with girls who challenge and inspire me

dark chocolate
to treat the late-night sweet tooth moments

new and old

The Husband
as the joys of a happy marriage keep you healthy

fall colors
red, yellow, orange, and browns all over town

first (big) trip with The Husband since our honeymoon(!)

What are you thankful for?

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