Monday, November 28, 2011

Dining In: NYC 2011 - Flushing Food Tour

Since the Triangle area often feels like an ethnic food desert to us, the only requirement for our recent trip to NYC was Asian/Chinese/Taiwanese/Japanese food and a lot of it! Our friends, J&R, are huge fans of Flushing, NY and since this was where my family used to frequent during our Jersey days, I couldn't agree more. 

The NYTimes recently put together an interactive feature on the Flushing dining scene, which includes several places from our food tour. You can find the feature here

First up, Nan Shiang Dumpling House. This place is a treasure trove for soup dumpling and Taiwanese breakfast lovers. We loved it so much we ate here 3 times over the course of our week-long trip. 
Salted Soy Milk
Scallion Pancakes
so buttery, flaky, and crispy
Crab Soup Dumplings
definitely one of my favorite foods ever
Second place on our food tour was White Bear, an unassuming little food spot, that served killer handmade wontons with red oil sauce (number 6). They were so amazing. With limited seating, you might as well buy a box and eat them on the sidewalk, which is what we did. (A small price to pay for great food). 
Third food locale can be found at the Golden Shopping Mall, which contains one of the locations for Xi'an Famous Foods. However, inside there were up to 4 different food vendors from hand-pulled noodles to lamb noodle soups. If we hadn't been so stuffed, I would have tried it all. This location has a definite night-market feel so if you are really picky about ambience, you may consider another Xi'an location. (We even watched a lady feed her Pekingese noodles with chopsticks while we ate our noodles).
A1. Liang Pi "Cold Skin Noodles"
spicy kick and great noodle texture
B2. Spicy Cumin Lamb Burger
not a huge fan of cumin, but good texture of meat and bread
Hand-pulled Lamb Cumin Noodles 
 nuclear spicy level, but super tasty

This concludes part 1 of the NYC Food Tour, which given the sheer amount of food we ate, I've divided into 3 parts to be posted this week. Thanks for reading and hope you get to try these amazing places the next time you're in NYC. 

Have a great Monday! 

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