Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day-after-Christmas Breakfast

Being the procrastinator that I am and the fact that The Husband was working on Christmas Day, I didn't buy groceries with the intention of making a trip on the day after Christmas. However, surprise surprise I woke up to this...

So much for grocery shopping. But because The Husband was coming home this am, I decided to whip up breakfast. I would consider this more an "organized assemblage" of food rather than "cooking."

1-inch thick sun-dried tomato bread + basil pesto spread + mild cheddar cheese + thinly-sliced honey ham + poached egg + lightly sautéed tomato slices + parmesan cheese and salt + pepper =

Of course, you can't have poached egg without capturing the delicious ooze... soooo good and easy!

Happy holidays!

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