Wednesday, April 27, 2011

E's Butterscotch Floral Scarf

With all the leftover yellow yarn, I decided to practice some more crocheting by making a scarf, which will not be worn until next winter. I made this up as I crocheted except for the florals, which I learned here

Begin with a long chain, which will determine how wide the cowl-style scarf is around your neck. Then double crochet a bajillion times until your scarf is at the thickness that you want. The Husband called it a "mobius scarf" because it is perpetually twisted like a Möbius strip (for all you nerds out there). 

I love the texture of the florals and how the petals grow based on the number of stitches. Although it is already spring (feels like summer!) and hardly scarf weather, this mustard yellow scarf will make any drab winter day POP.

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  1. Jenny, can I purchase that scarf? :) you're amazing, I really enjoy reading your blog!