Monday, April 4, 2011

Dining In: Durham, NC - Bull City Burger and Brewery

The highly anticipated Bull City Burger and Brewery was on the top of our list for dining out and apparently that was true for everyone else in Durham. Nested in the middle of downtown Durham, it has a great presence in a growing, vibrant eatery scene.  

Of course, they have their own brewery, which wasn't up and running yet when we went. But, we'll definitely be back to try the beer. They also have Boylan sodas on tap and all non-alcoholic drinks are served in adorable mason jars. 

Between all of us, we had the "Green Monster," "Pimento Burger," and the "Over Easy," which naturally had a fried egg on top and bacon.

I must say that I prefer my burgers very juicy and I always order them medium rare. Since we weren't given the option of how our burgers were cooked, I felt that the burgers were fairly dry and the cheese just didn't quite moisten them up. The Husband's fried egg helped to soften his burger, but the house-made burger buns were fairly dry as well so topping off with ketchup and condiments was a must. 

All in all, I must sadly say, BB&B was not one of my favorite burger joints in Durham, but they have  a great vision and marketing plan with potential for improvement. I'm definitely open to trying their burgers again once they have hit a stride and I will definitely be asking for my burger medium rare if possible. On the other hand, I will definitely be returning for an ice cold beer and one of their chili hot dogs (a customer had one at the next table, which I couldn't help but covet). 

I'm eager to hear what other Durham fans think of this new place. The ambiance certainly added to the meal and they also had an enomatic wine machine, which would make for great post-work happy hour-ing. 

Have a (tolerable) Monday! 

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  1. thanks for reviewing this place. i've been meaning to check it out!