Monday, April 25, 2011

Durham Food Trucks: Part 1

I've been hoping to try some of the Durham food trucks for months now, but never had the time to track them down. Since then, I've been stalking Pie Pushers on twitter and we finally found them on Saturday night in front of Fullsteam Brewery. 

The Husband called it a "perfect symbiotic relationship" between this new brewery and the pizza trucks. 

I had been reading about the potato, bacon, and brussels sprout pizza, but they ran out by the time we arrived. Instead, I had the Pacecar and The Husband had the Sausage and Mushroom.

The Verdict: The Husband is very particular about pizza crust even though he's from Texas. He pines after a pizzeria in Austin, TX with thin, crispy yet chewy crust. After taking his first bite, he looked at me with satisfaction and said, "This is it." The Sausage and Mushroom was delicious. The Pacecar was missing some salt and could use some additional flavor, but again the crust was super good. 

Of course, nothing goes better with pizza than beer. Fullsteam's Sweet Potato Brew. Yum. 

Klausie's pizza truck was right outside of Fullsteam and since we only had a slice each of Pie Pushers we decided to give them a try as well. This is of the "pan pizza" style. Imagine farm fresh toppings, homemade sauce, and generous portions of cheese, all sitting upon a thick, foccacia-style bread. 

The Husband had the "The Meat" and I had "The Greek." They were fabulous. The sauce was super flavorful with hints of garlic, onion, and herbs. The crust was thick and chewy smothered with sauce and cheese. The overall reaction was "OMG." 

We overheard the owner saying that he is currently trying to source some local bacon. We'll definitely be back. 

Overall, we found some of our favorite food truck eats this weekend. Can't wait to return to Pie Pushers for the brussels sprout pizza! To locate these two roaming trucks, follow them on twitter and you'll be able to track them down. 

Have a great Monday! 

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