Monday, October 18, 2010

Linzer Cookies

In preparation for the holidays, I decided to give one of my favorite cookies a try. I'm not quite a baker because I am actually really bad at following directions perfectly. (I might be known to leave out an ingredient or two here and there...) However, I decided why not...

I halved this recipe.

Melting the butter to room temperature was easy enough.

So was grinding the almonds into a fine powder in my food processor.

The handy Kitchen Aid stand mixer made whisking the wet and dry ingredients a cinch!

After the mixture was combined, I rolled out the dough into a thin flat sheet and stuck it into the fridge... this is when the recipe went from easy and fun to hard and confusing!!! For some reason, the dough was extremely soft and the moment it was taken out of the fridge it became impossible to cut with the cookie cutters and handle by hand. After several trips to the freezer, we successfully cut 10 tops and bottoms.

Here are a few survivors.

And then our cookie graveyard...

However, we were able to salvage a few.

The cookies were thin, light, and super flaky. The blueberry spiced jam that we filled in the middle was a delicious touch! If only these cookies were easier to make, I'd be making these cookies all the time.

Time to find a new recipe. Please share yours if you have one!!

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