Friday, October 29, 2010

Dining In: Denver, CO

While in Denver with our fabulous friends, The Earnests, I got the random idea for a new blog series ;)

Since I moved out to the East Coast, it feels like we have been traveling non-stop and of course with traveling comes eating!

Hence the title of my new "Dining In:" series in which I'll feature our culinary adventures from random parts of the continental US and beyond.  I can't wait to post about "Dining in: Taiwan," but that won't be until January 2011, depending on whether I have consistent access to internet.

So in the meantime here we go!

Smash Burger

Classic burgers,  frothy milkshakes, and fried side items.

The Avocado Club (grilled chicken, avocado, ranch dressing, applewood smoked bacon, lettuce and tomato) with fried pickles and a root beer float (not pictured here). 

The Hubs had a burger smothered in BBQ sauce perfection with a side of delicately fried french fries and a strawberry shake (again, not pictured here).

Earnest's Denver Omelette

You can't head to Denver and not have a Denver omelette right? We just happened to have all the ingredients in the fridge. Go figure. ;)

Abe's Cafe

We had lunch at this Greek cafe called "Abe's Cafe" tucked in the cute, classy town of Littleton. They featured the most interesting and flavorful homemade Chicken and Lemon soup chocked full of tender pieces of chicken and veggies. Oh yeah, and the beef pastrami sandwich was delicious too!

Lola's Sugar Rush Candy Shop

We didn't actually buy any candy, but I couldn't help but covet these beautiful candy jars and the shelves upon shelves of sweet confections!

Beau Jo's Colorado Style Pizza

Drinks in mason jars. Super cute!

Our beautiful Yukon mountain pie pizza (smoked canadian bacon, artichoke hearts, roma tomatoes, Beau Jo's pizza sauce, whole milk mozzarella, and smoked provolone cheeses). It was so delicious!!! Can't imagine what this is like after skiing all day.

Fish Tacos and Albarino Wine

Albarino Wine: dry, crisp, citrusy, and surprisingly smooth! A must try Spanish wine with grapes grown right next to the salty ocean.

Baked apples with pecans, raisins and brown sugar filling. A perfect fall dessert.


Cheese plate perfection: brie, gouda, blue cheese, sweet figs, grapes, pita chips. 

Angry Shrimp Sliders: so outrageously spicy with 7 spicy ingredients!

Happy dining adventures! Share some of yours! 


  1. YUM! I want to go to Lola's Candy Shop. I love candy stores, especially old fashioned ones.

  2. do you remember your life before iphone?

  3. @kathyphantastic ME TOO. I actually fantasized about opening a candy store after seeing this shop.

    @uma Yes, it was such a bland and colorless life. ;)