Monday, October 25, 2010

The French Omelette

Omelettes are the perfect Saturday morning indulgence. I never wake up early enough to make myself anything more than oatmeal for breakfast, so when we make omelettes it feels extra luxurious.

The Hubs tends to like his omelettes super tender and semi-runny in the middle. So the french omelette is the perfect recipe. The key element of this kind of omelette is that the egg never has long enough contact with the pan to overcook the egg... resulting in a perfectly tender omelet inside and out. 

1 thin pat of butter
2-3 eggs beaten
Fresh chives or any other type of herb
Salt and pepper to taste
* Feel free to add any other omelette ingredients you'd like. 

One last look at our fall herb garden until they go to sleep until next spring! 

1. On medium heat, melt the pat of butter on a non-stick (preferably omelette pan). 

2. Pour egg mixture into the pan and begin sliding the pan back and forth so the egg does not have constant contact with the heat.

3. Cook until you are able to fold the egg over itself in thirds. 

We made a video to demonstrate the technique. 

The Classic French Omelette with Chives topped with Chiffonade Basil. 

And nothing goes better with an omelette than a freshly brewed cup of coffee in a gorgeous cup (from Sherry :)

Except perhaps a nice thin, salty slice of proscuitto.

Happy omelette sliding! 


  1. i saw this and thought you'd enjoy:

  2. nice suggestion eric! i am totally going to try this one day. quite a lot of butter and creme fraiche, but why not for a saturday morning splurge!