Thursday, September 2, 2010

How to: Floral Pin

A few months ago I made two floral clips and had some extra materials so I decided to create a step-by-step guide for people who would like to make their own silk floral pins.

First you need to purchase silk flowers from your local craft store and cut off all of the petals. You'll also need felt that is similar in color to your flower petals (or not based on your preference). You can use an alligator clip so that the floral can be pinned in hair or use a safety pin that allows you to pin the floral on clothing. I only had a safety pin so this is what I used.

Silk flower
Charm (optional)
Safety pin
Alligator clip

Hot glue gun

Begin by gathering the petals in a circular shape and sewing each petal on top of each other. As you add more petals continue to sew them to the inside of the cluster working from outside in. To get some more dynamic shapes you can fold or shape the petals before you sew them to create more volume or depth.

Once you have the flower shape that you like, you can insert the charm and also secure it with needle and thread to the middle of the flower.

The backing is created by cutting felt into a circle that approximately covers the middle portion of the flower. You can adjust the size based on how much of the back of the flower you want covered by felt (or how much of the back of the flower you need to hid because your sewing is messy).

Then cut two little slits into the middle of the felt circle so you can insert the non-needle end of the safety pin through the felt.

To secure the felt and safety pin to the back of the flower use hot glue and focus on the middle of the flower first.

Then work your way around the edges of the felt securing it to the petals all around the flower.

Once this has been secured and the hot glue is dry, you will have a new accent piece for boring tank tops or t-shirts that are made instantly more glamorous with your floral pin.

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