Friday, September 24, 2010

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

I typically avoid all dishes with bacon primarily for health reasons. However, the idea that you can have a creamy, bacon-flavored pasta dish was just too appealing not to try. After this dish, I might now be bacon's newest convert.

We followed Mark Bittman's recipe found in How to Cook Everything to the T, which meant that we didn't include any vegetables... (why vegetables if you've got bacon!)

First, crisp 4 oz of minced bacon in a tablespoon of olive oil. Make sure you cook it long enough to bring out enough aroma and crispiness.

While your bacon is crisping, throw your pasta into salted boiling water.

During this prep time, grate 1 cup parmesan cheese (or any other hard cheese).

Also, warm up a glass bowl either in your oven or by pouring hot water into it. I kept my bowl on the stovetop to keep it warm while everything else was prepping.

In the hot (dry) glass bowl, whisk 2 eggs with your cup of cheese. This should create a custard consistency as the egg gets minimally cooked by the warmed bowl.

Throw your HOT pasta noodles into the egg and cheese mixture and mix with bacon pieces (and, if you'd like, some of the bacon grease for extra flavor). Add pepper and salt to taste and plate!

Spaghetti alla Carbonara.

molto delizioso!

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. hahah i was like. bacon? jenny? i think you were disturbed i use butter sometimes. eehee. yum bacon!