Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rainbow Chard

Similar to its cousin, Swiss Chard, the Rainbow Chard at Whole Foods was just too beautiful and vibrant to put down. At $2.50 for a large bunch, I couldn't resist trying this fabulous vegetable!

I washed and separated the stem and leaves since the stems tend to take longer to cook.

Add some olive oil into the pan and saute some garlic until fragrant. Add the leaves and cook until wilted. Add salt and pepper to taste. Remove leaves from the pan and then cook the stems similarly but until tender. Toss leaves back in with stems and stir.

Add some lemon zest over the rainbow chard with a microplane grater and serve immediately.

This vegetable has the most interest flavors. The leaves taste texturally similar to spinach and yet the stems are deliciously sweet and tender. The husband thought that the stems tasted strangely similar to fruit loops cereal... I guess you'll have to try them yourself to find out!

Full recipe can be found here.

Happy Wednesday!

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