Saturday, August 14, 2010

Yakitori Night

After reading this NYTimes article on chicken yakitori, the hubby and I were inspired to create our own yakitori meal this weekend. We stumbled upon these beautiful cherrystone clams at our local asian market and proceeded to buy several other seafood items to throw on the grill.

We decided to try "porgy fish," which appeared to be the freshest of the fish selection. However, it was pretty unanimous that this fish (at least when grilled) tends to be rubbery and flavorless in taste and texture. It was a nice contrast to the (slightly too salty) yakitori marinade though.

We used the yakitori marinade recipe from the NYTimes article, but realized after the fact that it was indeed too salty. I think we'll stick with our own homemade marinade next time.

le menu.

What was left of the spread:

Close up of the cherrystone clam glazed with garlic butter sauce... so delicious!


  1. i think we bought porgy fish today at H-Mart too!

  2. i ate yakitori the other day! i think i had heart though. chewy