Friday, January 27, 2012

Paris Fridays: Rue de Montorguiel

The Husband and I were lucky enough to travel to Paris recently for over a week, which resulted in almost 3000 pictures of the gorgeous city. In order to fully document the trip, I'll decided to start Paris Fridays to share the tastes (of course!) and sights of our trip over several weeks. 

We stayed in the 1st arrondissement, which is right in the heart of Paris. This location meant that we were walking distance to the Lourve, Marais, and the Latin Quarter, which was a huge plus. A 1 minute walk on our first day led us to Rue de Montorguiel, which is home of one of Paris's permanent markets selling everything from fresh flowers, meats, cheese, pastries, to SEAFOOD.

Every few stalls would boast large selections of oysters, which I learned is because France is the 4th largest producer of oysters in the world. In addition to oysters, there were so many varieties of fresh fish and seafood. We really wished we had a larger kitchen at our place to enjoy these delicacies. 

not sure what these are called - special clams



sea urchin

massive crab legs


whole crabs

beautiful scallops

We couldn't help gushing over the marché de poissons (fish markets). The colors, shapes, and varieties were visually intoxicating. If we ever return to Paris, we are definitely renting a place with a hardcore kitchen. 

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!  

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