Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Green Smoothies 2012

Happy New Year everyone! There is something that I've been meaning to share, but haven't yet had time to do. In November 2011, The Sister shared with me the concept of green smoothies and sent me several books including The Green Smoothie Revolution and Green for Life

We obviously all know about the health benefits of eating leafy green vegetables as part of a healthy diet. However, how many of us can actually achieve this efficiently and deliciously? I've had many a night when I've chosen starch or carb over a veggie-filled dinner. Well Green Smoothies are amazingly easy and simple and can help you get more vegetables in your life. 

The concept is water + leafy green vegetables + fruit. That is it. Try to use the freshest and least pesticide-filled ingredients because you are drinking these ingredients uncooked. 

Here are a few rules I've adhered to in the past few months: 
1. Rotate your greens - weekly or daily to prevent build up of alkaloids in your body. 
2. Bananas - make anything green taste infinitely better.
3. Keep it simple - no more than 2-3 leafy greens in each smoothie. 
4. Start slow - give your body and taste buds time to adjust by starting with more fruits than greens.
5. Start with 12 oz a day - your body will likely crave more as you go on. (The eventual goal is 32 oz a day if possible, but remember start slow). 

collard greens + mustard greens + water


kiwi + blueberries + strawberries
blend again

refreshing + tasty

You'll be amazed how tolerable and quite tasty these green smoothies can be when you keep it simple with 1, 2, or 3 kinds of leafy greens (not things like broccoli, cauliflower, beans, etc). Combining the greens with a variety of fruits results in a delicious drink that can be supplemented to meals or substituted for a light breakfast or snack. The book recommends drinking the smoothie 45 minutes before or after you've had food to maximize absorption of nutrients. I just do what feels right. 

My New Year's resolution is to drink a smoothie 5-7 days out of the week for the entire year. I'm excited for a year of more energy, better skin, and improved health! 

Hope you'll join me and let me know what your recipes include! 

Below are some of my most common combinations: 
bokchoy + kiwi + banana + water
baby spinach + strawberries + blueberries + banana + water
collard greens + kiwi + strawberries + blueberries + water
kale + banana + OJ + strawberries 

Have a healthful Tuesday!

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