Monday, September 5, 2011

Lazy Labor Day

Aside from a few moments of sunshine, Labor Day 2011 has been overcast with a hazy gloom. These types of days make me want to eat comfort food all day long and stay under the covers. BLT sandwiches are just one of those foods that you can whip together in a few moments and crunch away at in front of the TV.  

The Sister informed me that you can get bacon quite crispy in the microwave. Just place strips on paper towels and zap in 2 minute increments about 3 times (depending on the amount). This produces a super crisp bacon and minimal oil since it has been absorbed by the paper towels. 
BLT + E = BLT with Fried Egg. 

BLTs should always be made with a fried egg (sorry to all the purists out there). Hope everyone has had a relaxing Labor Day! 

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