Friday, September 23, 2011

Garlic-Flavored Kale Chips

Oh, the many uses of Kale. There are several varieties, but you can't miss the curly, dark green bunches that often sit untouched at many grocery stores. Sometimes bitter in flavor especially when over-baked and other times just grassy and tender in a vegetable soup. Some people will never love kale and that's just the reality of it. 

When baked, it can be crisp, light, and smoky and robust in flavor. A lot of people have compared kale chips to potato chips and I couldn't agree less. Kale chips are not like potato chips and neither should you expect them to taste like potato chips. However, if you can appreciate kale chips for what they are, you just might like them. 

Garlic-Flavored Kale Chips

1 bunch of kale
2 tbsp olive oil
Salt to taste
5-6 cloves of garlic, minced

1. Preheat oven 300 degrees.

2. Wash kale and remove green leaves from hard stems. 

3. Chop or rip kale leaves into bite-sized pieces. 

4. Toss with 1 tbsp olive oil and some salt (not too much! you can always add more later).

5. Arrange in one layer on a baking sheet (you can layer on top of parchment or foil for easy cleaning). 

6. Bake for approximately 20 minutes. Flip or shake around half way through (if you remember). 

7. While kale is baking, saute garlic in remaining 1 tbsp of olive oil until fragrant and crisp. Set aside until kale is cooled. 

8. Once kale is cooled, toss with garlic and more salt if necessary. Serve and enjoy! 

For all of the super nutrients in kale, you might as well make an occasional batch and crunch away if you can't stomach it any other way. The Husband even ate it, which I guess says something! 

Hope everyone has a restful weekend! 

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  1. ooh! i made kale chips the other day too. i made the brown sugar kind: (although the recipe is : kale, olive oil, salt, brown sugar)

    and i agree, nothing like potato chips. for some reason the brown sugar thing makes me want to eat it as a snack :)