Friday, May 20, 2011

Dining In: Nashville, TN

The Nashville food scene is not one that we extensively researched before heading out there so we kind of randomly stumbled upon several great eateries and coffee shops. My top favorite was Crema. A fabulous local coffee shop with delicious coffee offerings. We had the cuban and the vietnamese coffees. YUM-O. 

2. Cupcake Collection. Cupcakes for $1.65 and there was a massive line to get them.

3. Marche Artisan Foods. A beautiful cafe, bakery, and bistro with a delicious quinoa salad. Definitely going to try to make this at home. 

4. I Dream of Weenie. It wasn't open, but I dreamed of hot dogs. 

5. Pied Piper Ice Cream. This place reminds me of the little ice cream shops in Austin. 

6. The Cocoa Tree. Chocolate confections galore. 

7. Kalamata's. Lip-smacking good Mediterranean food in the middle of Nashville. Who knew? 

8. Rumba. Asian fusion. Great ambience, innovative drinks, and average food. 

All in all, a great view of Nashville. Honky tonks and all. This trip really made me miss Austin, which is perfect as we head out there in a couple of weeks!!! 

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