Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dining In: Durham, NC - East Coast Chinese Food Express

Anyone who knows us in Durham will have definitely heard of the chinese place inside the Krogers (no, not next to the Kroger, inside of it). This is our go-to Asian food place when we are too lazy to drive to Cary or Raleigh. With prices that can't be beat and fairly spot on flavors - why not have some chinese takeout? 

I was highly skeptical on my first visit since this place is seriously inside the Kroger grocery store next to the Coinstar and the feminine hygiene products. But, those who have been brave enough to order from here have not been disappointed. 

They have various items written only in Chinese, which I have my parents decipher each time that they visit. Otherwise, you can point at the random pictures or English names of dishes that most commonly grace the menus of chinese take out places. The husband wife duo have been here for 11 years, which must mean something. 

Salt and pepper pork ribs. 

Sichuan Chicken and Eggplant. 

Hong Kong Style Wonton Soup.


The Husband was sad that there was no happy statement so here goes: 

Have a happy Memorial Day weekend. Thank you for all our service men and women who have fought to keep us safe and free. 

No posts for a while as we'll be in AUSTIN! 

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