Friday, February 10, 2012

Paris Fridays: Au Petite Fer A Cheval

Someone lent us a book about eating your way through Paris and this restaurant was from this list. It was hidden on some unassuming street in Paris and had the must unremarkable front entrance, but it was packed for lunch. This is always a good sign.

This is likely one of our best meals (note that I said one). The meals were hearty, but not overwhelming and well-seasoned, but not too salty. I had the fish special of the day. The skin is seared to a perfect crisp, while the meat was moist, tender, and ultra flakey. It was served with juliennes zucchini and carrots and a delicious side of sauce made of tomato, herbs, and some other liquid goodness I couldn't identify.

The Husband had the duck confit (we're in Paris!) which was moist, super flavorful, and with a sinfully crispy skin. Of course we had to complete the meal with some coffee and since I can't stomach espresso like a truly Parisian, I had a cafe creme.

dorade royale

confit de canard

cafe creme

Thanks for reading and have a tasty weekend! 

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