Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Plant-Based Diet

After our recent birthday celebration, we became aware of how little vegetables we eat during the week. However, it's amazing how much veggie you can ingest by juicing it all. In fact, you can go broke by juicing enough vegetables and fruits to drink over the course of one week.

We bought a Breville juicer, which is down right amazing. It is relatively easy to clean and juices everything from seeds, skin, and core. Whole small apples go right into the juicer with no problems. The dual-disc juicer also has a pureeing disc that allows you to make smoothies from bananas and berries. 

Sam's Club is the perfect location to buy bulk fruits and vegetables. If you can believe it, a family two carts behind us in the checkout line had the same amount of groceries, but ALL meat! 

Spinach and kale are actually great for juicing. So are zucchini and carrots. It is surprisingly delicious to have a mix of vegetable and fruits. Believe it or not, I have an apple allergy, but can drink juice that contains apple juice in it... (can an allergist please explain this to me? thanks!). 

Here's our first batch of veggies and fruits. Amazingly, it took half of our produce to yield 96 oz of juice!  I suppose we're off to a decent start to this period of detoxing. I hope we can really keep up the juicing and incorporate this into our daily diets. 

Have a healthful Wednesday! 

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