Friday, August 26, 2011

Dining In: Chapel Hill, NC - Medi Deli

Mediterranean Deli is hands down my favorite Mediterranean restaurant in the Triangle area and by the looks of Yelp reviews a lot of people feel the same way. I always get the same thing because it is so freaking satisfying. 

Gyro Platter with Scallion Hummus and Greek Salad. (The Husband got to the plate before I could take a picture).  

Lamb Fatayer.

Lahm Bi Ajeen.

All of the spices, lamb, and veggies are super flavorful. They also have a handy condiment bar that offers tzatziki, feta cheese, olives and more. I find that I start to crave Medi Deli when I just want good simple food with no frills and authentic flavors. This is a place that would give Mediterranean restaurants in large major cities a run for their money!

Hope you have a hurricane-free weekend. Stay safe!

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