Friday, July 8, 2011

Caramelized Onion Rolls

To continue along the vein of flavorful breads, I recent tried caramelizing onions to make some veggie burger buns. The caramelization process took approximately 25 minutes and because I didn't use butter I didn't quite get the browning that I would have liked. But I suppose this is healthier.

Caramelized onions with white wine, white wine vinegar, brown sugar, and dried oregano. 

These buns were sandwiched around potato and white bean veggie burgers (recipe here) that we threw on the grill. 

Just in case the veggie burgers were too healthy, we also made salt and vinegar chips. 

Since it will be raining all week, there will be no more grilling for a while. Have a great weekend and enjoy my favorite month, JULY! 

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  1. My daughter will love this (she just made rosemary foccacia) last week- she loves caramelized onions.