Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Parmesan Cheese Bread

I'm a fan of any kind of bread that involves cheese. So, it was time for me to graduate from the simple boule, pain d' epi, and baguettes to something that involved more flavor. 

I used the same dough recipe for making the boule, also known as the Master Recipe in this book. Thankfully, it is a "no-knead" dough and just involves some yeast, flour, salt, and water.

After 2 hours.

I then rolled out a grapefruit sized piece of the dough and folded some parmesan cheese into the layers. 

The finished product: 

It was cheesy perfection. We, of course, tore into the bread before it was fully cooled, which meant that there was warm, oozy cheese throughout the bread. We'll definitely be making this one again for guests. 

Hope you can find something NEW to make this week! 

I leave for Puerto Rico tomorrow, so no new posts for a while, but I promise I'll be documenting our food adventures all along the way to report back. :) 

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