Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dining in Raleigh, NC - Waraji

fun and interactive sushi chefs

fried squid appetizer

chirashi bowl

young hamachi and toro nigiri, spider roll

nabeyaki udon

The Husband would be Japanese if he had a choice and could survive on a diet of only sashimi and rice. Therefore we are always on an unending search for the freshest and tastiest Japanese restaurants in any city. Unfortunately, we had been very disappointed by the Japanese restaurants in the area. None of them seemed to offer sashimi that was fresh enough and prepared the traditional way. 

We are happy to announce that our search may have ended with our recent trip to Waraji. This restaurant has a great selection of sashimi, sushi, and non-raw offerings. The Husband had the Chirashi, which he described as fresh and quite filling. He also ordered young hamachi and toro nigiri, both of which were also quite good. The appetizer and my nabeyaki udon were also so flavorful and delicious. We will definitely be making our way back here again and again (... and again). 

Happy July 4th and hope you spend it with people you love! 

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