Friday, November 5, 2010

Sugar Cane... sweet!

The other day, The Hubs brought home a sweet treat from our childhood. We both could remember our childhood trips to Taiwan where we chewed on freshly cut sugar cane in 100% humidity. The one that he brought home was probably as long as the ones we used to eat in Taiwan.

It was actually surprisingly easy to strip the outside layer and after chopping into bite-sized pieces we simply just started chewing away to get that the sweet, liquid-y goodness hidden between the fibrous segments.

Of course, KK took quite a liking to this sweet treat as well!

Happy chewing!


  1. i love sugarcane! my dad grows it in the backyard and we chew on it in the summertime. in cambodia, i had the sweetest and freshest sugar cane juice ever. (if you love food, you should totally visit SE Asia sometime). =)